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Our single ply roofing systems use Sika Trocal membranes and are ideal for projects that require cost effective or lightweight solutions. Our industry approved roofing material is made from synthetic polymers making it resistant to the elements.

This type of roofing is flexible, durable and a popular choice for flat and pitched roofs. It is particularly beneficial if your project has weight or load bearing considerations. It’s also perfect for extensive green or patio roofs and balconies.

Our single skin roofing systems consist of coated steel sheets that can also be used for cladding to weatherproof entire buildings such as storage units. Our sheets are manufactured to specification meaning your project is completed quicker because we do not have to cut sheets. As a result, a minimal amount of waste material will be left.

We use Plastisol corrugated sheets, which come with a wide range of fixings, sealants, roof lights, flashings and guttering. Varying ranges of colours are available.


Our high quality materials such as Sika Trocal membranes and metal is perfect for roofing bay windows of all shapes and sizes. Most of the roofs we replace on bay windows use out-dated felt, a poor quality material. The diverse nature of Sika’s products allows us to add an additional layer on top of the felt. We then secure the entire structure with Sika metal. The roof system is either mechanically fixed or fully bonded.

The finished product is aesthetically pleasing and compliments other modern roofs that may be used by neighbouring buildings. Modernising these key features of properties naturally will influence their value.

We supply and install varying types of guttering such as round or half round, box, quad, Fascia, K-style and square. Our guttering range uses different materials such as waterproofs, vinyl, plastic and aluminium. We also provide a repair service.

The each type of guttering will be suited for varying styles of housing and water flow or capacity. We can advise you on the best type of gutter that aligns with your budget, property appearence or construction requirements.

We use Sika Trocal membranes for our single ply roofs. This material allows the creation of a green roof. This system accomodates vegetation and turfing without compromising the building structure.

This method of roofing improves insulation which may reduce heating and cooling costs. Green roofs are a popular alternative in urban locations transforming dull spaces into pleasant recreational areas. They also benefit the environment.

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