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Felt Roofers Birmingham

S. Tomic Roofing protects your roof from all types of damage like leakage and provides you with a quality roof. Felt is like tar paper, lines between the house and the final layer of roofing material. It is an extra layer of protection for your roof from outer effecting elements, especially if you live in damp climates and a place with plenty of difficult weather conditions. It is sold in massive roles and made up of polyester or water-absorbing material that soaks water and works as a waterproofing agent. These sheets are made of organic or synthetic fiber to absorb water and coated with tar, a waterproofing agent, or bitumen that prevents damages to the roof because of moisture. The Felt Roofers Birmingham system is composed of several for a fully waterproof roof.



Why is the roof felt Important:

It keeps your roof waterproof and helps to save the top in strong and heavy storms. It protects the roof from snowfalls and is beneficial for a house than a shingle as owners are not always at home for installing new shingles, so roof felts work better than a shingle. It also protects the roof deck.

Felt Roofers in Birmingham are used to protecting your roof and deck from rainfall and water. It works more as a rebelling water material than a sponge, but it requires maintenance when it gets wet. It is more common in cedar shake roofs as these roofs are built to soak water. Felt Roofers Birmingham gives a nice appearance to your top. There are two main sizes of roof felt

  • #15
  • #30

#30 is more long-lasting and provides more protection than #15 top felt.

Roof Covering options include:

Roof covering option includes the following materials


  • Porous concrete.
  • Fibre cement.
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Concrete slabs.
  • Paving stones.

Qualities or requirements of a roof:

  • A roof must protect a building from weather.
  • The quality and durability of a roof must be equal to the material used in the building.
  • Requirments of maintenance should be minimum.
  • It has to provide structural stability to the whole building.
  • It should provide insulation against sound and heat.
  • It should be well-drained.
  • Waterproofing arrangements should be there.

Benefits of Felt Roofing:

  • Suitable for all types of surfaces; flat, curved, etc.
  • Suitable for foot traffic.
  • Not prone to wind and peel.
  • Durable material.
  • Flat roof covering can be created seamlessly.
  • Can handle new products and technologies.

EPDM Roofing:

These are installed in one complete layer, depending on the size of a roof. It is elastic, lightweight, and rigid so that it can protect the top. These roofs have a guarantee of almost 30 years.

TIPO Rubber roofing:

TIPO rubber roofing is reliable in any harsh environment. It can correctly deal with hot and cold climates.

Fiberglass roofing:

Fiberglass roofing can be of any colour and joint-less. It usually consists of two-layer to provide extra protection. Fiberglass roofing has a warranty of almost 25 years.

How to Repair a Felt Roof:

If the leakage aur gap is small, then a strong adhesive is the best idea to fix it. Products like bitumen roof cartridges are used for this purpose. It can also be used in wet conditions. Patching is an effective method for larger gaps. It is also cost-effective and reliable. In this method, you have to cut away the damaged section and make sure that your patching is waterproof; otherwise, it will be of no use. You require a strong adhesive to fix the new patch with the old one to make a robust Felt Roofers Birmingham and add a waterproof membrane layer for a watertight finish.

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