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Commercial Roofing in Birmingham

Commercial roofing services involve the installation and/or maintenance of roofs on commercial buildings, such as businesses, offices, warehouses, retail stores, and industrial facilities. These are specifically designed to handle the unique requirements of larger, more complex buildings.

Commercial roofs are typically larger and exposed to more intense weather conditions. As a result, they require specialised materials and expert commercial roofing services to stand extreme usage. If you need expert commercial roofers in Birmingham, we can help.

Secure Your Roofing, Keep Your Business Covered

S.Tomic Roofing LTD is a commercial roofing expert, ideal for your project. We ensure your peace of mind by delivering sturdy, watertight roofs built to endure any weather. We specialise in roof maintenance, repairs, and replacements for various businesses.

Our experience spans different commercial and industrial sectors, and we operate closely with you to meet your requirements. With an A+ quality rating, we take pride in our outstanding craftsmanship and top-notch customer service in the industry.

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Signs Commercial Roofing Needs Replacement

Pay attention to your roof’s condition to avoid problems. If you spot these signs, it might be time for a replacement and to call commercial roofing contractors in Birmingham:

  1. Roof dips showing leaks or rot.
  2. Cracked or curling tiles, even in sunny areas like Birmingham.
  3. Persistent leaks leading to brown spots on the ceiling.

Promptly addressing these issues can help stop further harm and ensure your property’s safety. Engage commercial roofing services to maintain a secure and reliable roof.

Commercial Roofing Services

What Are Our Commercial Roofing Services?

Tomic Roofing LTD provides reliable, quality, and customised commercial and industrial roofing in Birmingham across a wide variety of premises. Our services include:

Roof Inspection

If your property has recently faced hail, tropical storms, and hurricanes, consider scheduling an inspection. We ensure your commercial roof’s health with our comprehensive inspections, examining everything from decking to flashing and ventilation.

Roof Installation

We specialise in moisture-resistant, energy-efficient roofing installation solutions tailored to your needs. We will also help you choose from TPO, PVC, metal, and shingles based on local weather conditions and building analysis.

Roofing Replacement

We understand that replacing a commercial roof is a substantial project. Our team collaborates with you to make the process smooth. Whether you need a standard roof or one with unique features like external HVAC systems or helicopter landing pads, we’ve got you covered.

Roof Maintenance

Flat roofs come with specific challenges, but our regular maintenance services keep them structurally sound and prevent costly damage—all at an affordable cost.

Roof Repairs

No matter the type of roof or the extent of the damage, we handle repairs efficiently. From commercial to industrial, slate to cedar shake, asphalt to metal, our expert contractors know how to fix leaks and restore your building’s glory.

How Is Commercial Roofing Different from Domestic?

Commercial roofing and residential roofing differ in design and materials. Commercial roofs are usually flat, with multiple openings found on large buildings. In contrast, residential roofs are pitched higher and made of materials such as asphalt shingles.

In terms of suitable material for the roofing, residential options include metal panels, wood shakes, tile, ceramic, and slate. Commercial roofs require materials like modified bitumen, tar, gravel, single-ply PVC membranes, or sprayed polyurethane foam.

Commercial Roofing Services

What are the Types of Commercial Roofing?

  1. Tomic Roofing LTD installs, replaces, repairs, and maintains a wide range of roofs for commercial premises. The most common types of commercial roofing include:
  2. Built-Up Roofing (BUR): Consists of layers of tar and gravel, offering durability and cost-effectiveness for low-slope roofs.
  3. Metal Roofing: Durable and fire-resistant, available in various materials like steel and copper, providing attractive design options.
  4. Modified Bitumen Roofing: Uses reinforced fabrics and bitumen layers for protection and stability, suitable for active commercial roofs.
  5. Thermoset or EPDM Roof Membrane: Made from single-ply rubber, it’s versatile, easy to maintain, and long-lasting with resistance to UV light and ozone.
  6. Thermoplastic or PVC & TPO Roof Membrane: Lightweight, UV-resistant, puncture-resistant, and highly reflective, suitable for restaurants and hotels.


A commercial roof’s life depends on its type, materials, and regular maintenance. PVC roofs can last over 20 years, EPDM roofs can serve you for about 30 years, and TPO roofs usually last roughly 15 to 20 years.

The commonly favoured roofing styles for commercial buildings are low-sloped roofs, flat roofs, and pitched roofs.

For high performance, consider PVC roofs for flat commercial roofs and metal roofing for roofs with a slope greater than two inches.

The duration of a commercial roof installation is subject to factors like roof complexity, size, weather conditions, and the chosen roofing material. Typically, a standard installation may take a few days to several weeks.

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