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How to Choose the Right Fascia and Soffits

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Right Fascia and Soffits
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What is Fascia?

Located under the roof shingles, a fascia is a board that extends through the total length of the roof. It supports the guttering system and protects the roof from different weather impacts. It helps to secure the roof’s edge, preventing wind uplift and water infiltration. Fascia also contributes to the aesthetics of the building, defining the roofline’s appearance and creating a polished, finished look.

Materials for Fascia

Based on material, fascia can be composed of wood, composite, vinyl, and aluminium.

  • Wooden Fascia is water-resistant, adorable and gives a classy look
  • Composite Fascia does not rot, is durable and can be cut and installed like wood
  • Aluminium Fascia is economical, reliable and versatile for usage.
  • Vinyl Fascia is versatile in colour, durable and cost-effective.

Types of Fascia

Based on shape, fascia can be of the following types:

  • Square Fascia
  • Bullnose Fascia
  • Ogee Fascia
  • Flat Fascia or Reveal Liner/Cap Over Board

Choosing the Suitable Fascia Board

Here are some tips to help you choose an appropriate fascia for your roof:

  • For a fascia, be mindful to consider your home’s style, colour and aesthetics.
  • Choose a type of fascia that has longer durability.
  • You must consider the cost of fascia.
  • Energy efficiency is an important factor to consider about fascia.
  • Keep in mind the ease of installation of the fascia.

What are Soffit Boards

Soffits are the integral structure of the roof adjacent to the fascia. They give structural support to the roof and enhance the look of your roof. Soffits are also important for protecting the roof from weathering impacts.

Types of Soffits

  • Wood Soffits give a natural touch to your roof and are eco-friendly.
  • Aluminium Soffits are durable and pliable, require less maintenance and give more resistance from weathering impacts.
  • Steel Soffits are immensely used and come in a variety of colours and designs.
  • Vinyl Soffits require little maintenance and are affordable. They withstand the effects of cracking, rotting or fading.
  • UPVC Soffits are effective in working against torrential downpours and offer easy installation.

Choosing the Suitable Soffits

  • Opt for a durable, affordable and easy to install soffit.
  • Wood soffits have lower life than aluminium soffits, UPVC and steel. They may be costly as well.
  • Consider all the parameters to make a final choice.

Apart from the fascia and soffits, you may need to choose bargeboards, dry verge and roofline ventilation to complete your roof. Let’s know something about them:

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What are Bargeboards?

Bargeboards are fascia that are installed at the gable end. They serve to protect the timber of your roof and add value to your roof’s aesthetics. Bargeboards also represent architectural versatility and are usually added to Victorian and Edwardian-era properties.

Types of Bargeboard Materials

Metal Bargeboards are composed of aluminium or steel and give excellent resistance to harsh outer conditions.

uPVC Bargeboards are actually unplasticised polyvinyl chloride products. They are highly durable, stand firm against fading and need minimum maintenance.

Synthetic Slate or tile Bargeboards are made from recycled materials and give a natural touch with more look to your roof.

Timber Bargeboards are delicate, yet they protect your roof from rotting. Timber bargeboards can be made from pine, oak, cedar, etc.

Composite Bargeboards are crafted from recycled plastics or wood fibres. Having a huge variety, they are resistant to insects.

Edge Designs of Bargeboards

  • Flat Bargeboard
  • Square Bargeboard
  • Ogee Bargeboard
  • Bullnose Bargeboard
  • Reveal Liner/Cap Over Bargeboard

Choosing the Suitable Bargeboards

  • While choosing bargeboards for your roof, make sure to cosider your preferences and budget.
  • Although roof bargeboards give a natural look, you need to maintain their look by repainting them almost every year.
  • Consider the material that matches the theme of your roof. Choose the one that blends into your roof aptly.
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Dry Verge

Dry verge is a plastic-based roofing system that is added to the verge of your roof tiles. The primary purpose of installing dry verge is to ensure protection from They give a smooth finish and need less maintenance.

Types of Dry Verge

On the basis of their plastic properties, dry verges have the following types:

  • D Type
  • M Type
  • R Type
  • S Type

Whereas on the basis of their structure, there are two types:

  • Continuous dry verge connectors
  • Ridge end caps

Choosing the Suitable Dry Verge

  • All types of dry verge have variable costs, installation ease and durability.
  • Continuous dry verge connectors are easier to install than ridge end caps.
  • Choose a reliable and affordable option.

Roofline Ventilation

A roofline ventilation system ensures a regular flow of air that helps to maintain an optimum temperature and humidity in the environment.

Types of Vents

Ridge Ventilation is suitable for installation along the ridge of your roof.

Soffit Ventilation used with the soffit or eave of the roof

Gable Ventilation is recommended for use along the gable.

Power Ventilation uses an electric fan to work for temperature regulation.

Over-Fascia Ventilation works effectively with the eave.

Soffit Disk Vents are installed in soffits to regulate airflow.

Turbine Ventilation has a turbine with it to remove hot air from indoors

Choosing the Suitable Vents

  • Choosing the appropriate vent is subject to the size and type of your roof.
  • Also, consider the cost and quality of the vent.
  • Ensure its compatibility with your roof.


Fascia, soffits, bargeboards, dry verge, and roofline ventilation are all important components to make your roof a masterpiece. We are professional roofing contractors at S. Tomic Roofing LTD, providing roofing services for years. We install all types of fascia and soffits as per your needs, giving your roof the ultimate look you like. Hire us and ensure a durable and attractive outer look for your roof.

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