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We are one of the Best Roofing company in Birmingham, Recommended by the British City Council e-books building control.


We specialise in single ply and single skin roofing and cladding, guttering and green roofing services for all domestic properties. We cater for all types of housing including apartment blocks and flats. Our services are also suitable for garage, kitchen and house extensions, bay windows, storage units and detached structures.

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Your Local Roofing Company

We at S. TOMIC ROOFING LTD provide roofing Services, including new installations, replacements, repairs, bay windows, guttering, etc. As your local roofing company, we are available to serve you at all times and provide you with the best and most reliable roofing services. Our roofing experts use premium quality raw materials to protect your home from external factors such as extreme weather and rain. Our sturdy and durable roofing solutions will also help you save energy costs by giving you more control over your indoor temperature through effective insulation and ventilation. Give us a call, and we will send our best roofing contractors to inspect your roof and provide you with the most affordable yet reliable roofing solution.

Pitched or Flat? We Have Got You Covered

Many roofing companies use roofing materials which are specific to your roof structure. However, our roofing materials are ideal for your roof regardless of its structure. So, you do not have to worry anymore whether you have a flat or a pitched roof. Our single-ply roofs have been constructed from Sika Trocal membranes that work for all structures. Despite being incredibly lightweight, they have high tensile strength. Despite being amazingly flexible, they are sturdy. We also use coated steel and plastisol corrugated sheets for excellent protection from weather conditions. If you want the best roofers in West Midlands, you don’t have to look any further. Simply get in touch with us, and our roofing contractors will take care of the rest.

Bespoke Roofing Options

Whether you have an apartment with a flat roof or want to cover your garage, your passageway that needs protection or your balcony, our roofing options are vast and can be customised to meet your requirements. If you are carrying out a house extension or a loft conversion and want your roof extended, we can offer you countless options of materials and colours. Our top-quality roofing can be matched with our reliable guttering services and installation of bay windows. Please make sure you invite our experts to inspect your property, and they will advise you on the best solution and take the necessary measurements for fabricating your roof. With our professional roofing services, you can be sure that you will get more than you paid for. Get in touch with us for domestic and commercial roofing contractors West Midlands.

No Job is Big or Small for Us

Whether you are looking for commercial roofing specialists or residential roofing contractors, we have them all in our team. We do not consider any job big or small and carry out every job with the same level of commitment. From industrial installations to homes, we have a solution for every property. We maintain a regular team of roofing experts to ensure quick delivery and installation. With over 16 years of experience, we have completed countless projects for our customers, many of which are now our recurring clients. Check our website and read testimonials to learn about people’s trust in our roofing contractors.

We Are Always Ready

Are you looking for a quick replacement or repair of your existing roof? If yes, then you are at the right spot. Our emergency roofing services are available on short notice and around the clock, and we provide same-day repairs in case of an emergency. Sometimes the issues require quick attention. If you face excessive leakage or damage to your roofing because of natural hazards or otherwise, call our flat roofing contractors in West Midlands, and our emergency staff will be there instantly. If you believe your roof is old and needs replacement, or you are wondering if it can be repaired, get in touch with our flat roofing specialists today.

Cut Down Your Cost

With an effective roofing solution in place, you will be saving your cost on many fronts. Our roofing specialists will provide the best solution for your property to ensure proper ventilation and insulation. That means your heating/cooling system will work more efficiently. Apart from protecting the interior of your home from moisture, good roofing is extremely significant for protecting the structural integrity of your property. We know why proper roofing is important, and that is why we offer premier roofing services.

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Take a look at examples of our work such as Sika Trocal membrane roof systems, Kingspan Topdek installations, single skin or metal roofing and cladding including exterior walls.


Take a look at examples of our work such as Sika Trocal membrane roof systems, Kingspan Topdek installations, single skin or metal roofing and cladding including exterior walls.

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